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Design Inspiration

By Richie DembovskisMarch 18th, 2013BlogNo Comments

Here’s our first post of inspiration from all over the design world we would love to share with you. Some absolute crackers I’m sure you will agree.

Equator Beer

“In the run up to the summer (in Australia), Equator Design’s beer was a small production run of home brew style Pale Ale which we brewed ourselves in our Sydney Office to distribute to our clients. The objective of the beer was to create a beer that not only encapsulated everything that we as an agency are about but to ‘create an impression’ with our current and prospect clients. We decided to do just that with the labels, deboss them to ‘create an impression’ on the thick stock through a local printing firm’s letterpress machine.”


Recycled Garden

This particular vertical urban garden was implemented in a Brazilian home that received a huge makeover. Hundreds of plastic soda bottles were taken and repurposed into miniature, individual planters for simple greenery in the front patio of this colorful residence. Rosenbaum design firm has gotten such a great response, that you can build your very own suspended art piece via their instructional guide, here.

Bag Tags

UK-based illustrator and graphic artist Neil Stevens has created a series of beautiful minimalist posters that are inspired by old airline baggage tags.

Richie Dembovskis

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Coders are the new rockstars

By Richie DembovskisMarch 7th, 2013BlogComments Off

Here’s an interesting video by, a non-profit foundation dedicated to growing computer programming education. In a rather inspirational video pulling out the big guns in the computer/online world (and, it stresses the importance to have coding taught in schools.

Obviously being a web design agency we totally agree this should now be a key part of education with the digital world we now live in. This video certainly will make some want to become a coder, with the “awesome” sound studio in the office, being able to skate through the corridors, work on a sunny Californian rooftop etc. Whilst this usually isn’t the case for 99.9% of the industry it does make a good case.

But coding certainly isn’t easy, being a designer in a design and web agency, I dabble with it myself but certainly it should be left in the hands of the experts with a computer science degree in their hands that eat, drink and sleep coding, it certainly is a science.

The digital world is the world we now live in and to understand the fundamentals of how these things work will need to become commonplace and soon.

Richie Dembovskis

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