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Scrolling websites that are out of this world

By Richie DembovskisMay 22nd, 2013BlogComments Off

Website design always used to be about ensuring your content stays above the page fold. Well not anymore with the introduction of HTML5 scrolling sites, also known as parallax scrolling, this really does breathe new life into websites. By scrolling down the page it activates animation effects, transitions and reveals to a website not previously seen before. Here are some superb examples that utilise this feature and really “scroll” with it.

Richie Dembovskis

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Breast Foot Forward

By Richie DembovskisMay 15th, 2013BlogNo Comments

Last Saturday (11th May) iDC sponsored Richard’s wife and nine other valiant ladies all from Lapworth who took part in ‘The London Moonwalk’.

Starting out at 11.30 pm the ‘Lapworth Ladies’ joined by some 15,000 participants set off on a mammoth 26 mile night walk through the streets of London to raise money for Breast Cancer. iDC designed and provided the team with t shirts and hoodies.

The ‘Lapworth Ladies’ staggered over the finish line at 8.30am the next morning, exhausted yet jubilant in the knowledge that they had raised over £3,000 for a very good cause.

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