After coming across Charlotte’s appeal on Facebook for a kind hearted individual to help get her new business off the ground with barely any budget but bags of excitement and enthusiasm, MD Richard decided that after another successful year for iDC it was time to give something back. He got in touch with Charlotte, idea’s already brewing and offered the assistance of iDC, free of charge, in getting her canine care business up and running. Needless to say, free advice and assistance for any start up business is invaluable so we’ve caught up with Charlotte to find out how it has improved the ‘start up’ experience for her.

‘The help iDC has provided has given me the confidence and enthusiasm I needed for that final push to get my business up and running. It all finally seemed possible once I had a real identity that stood out, as it blows all similar local businesses out of the water! Before we started the process, I had no idea how I wanted my business to look or where in the marketplace I wanted to be positioned. iDC listened to my idea’s, then gave me loads of different designs to decide between, I was so overwhelmed with the sheer amount of work that had gone into so many different designs that I thought I wouldn’t be able to pick just one, but it really gave me a chance to figure out what I liked and what I didn’t, and now I have a brand I am completely proud of. By having a tangible logo and business cards it has allowed me to go to networking and funding events looking totally professional which has benefited me no end in gaining funding for my business as well as plenty of new customers. The help I have received from iDC has not only given me the materials I needed but also the positivity and confidence to continue working hard to make my new business a success!’
After seeing how much iDC’s contribution has helped Charlotte get started, Richard and the team have decided that, from now on, each year they will lend a creative hand to a start up business completely free of charge. We are all aware how difficult it can be to get a new business set up and how a small amount of help and direction can greatly increase the chance of success.
Good Luck Charlotte!