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Carboncans Brand & Packaging

By Richie DembovskisMarch 10th, 2017Branding, Graphic Design, Packaging / POS, SliderComments Off

iDC worked closely with client Angle & Curve a collective of professional audio engineers and designers in creating a new brand for their new range called Carboncans. The packaging design was particularly key to showcase the product and stand out from the competition. A major USP was that these headphones were made in Britain and that had to be conveyed prominently within the design.

Carboncans Logo01/ Carboncans Logo

Carboncans Graphic Decals02/ Carboncans Graphic Decals

Carboncans Box Artwork03/ Carboncans Box Artwork

Carboncans Product Range04/ Carboncans Product Range

Carboncans Packaging05/ Carboncans Packaging

Carboncans Product Range06/ Carboncans Product Range

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Bondeye Optical 2017 Range

By Richie DembovskisMarch 9th, 2017Branding, Packaging / POS, Print, SliderComments Off

The latest Bondeye Catalogue range is out now. We completely revamped the design inside and out this year. We were tasked in doing something different to mark their 15 year anniversary in the industry. We therefore went all out on the cover with silver foiling text and spot UV finishing to give it a lovely textured and polished feel. We also moved away from the vivid secondary colour palette with a more subtle range but still eye-catching to say the least! Take a peek inside…

Catalogue Design01/ Bondeye Catalogue 2017 Cover

Print design02/ Bondeye Catalogue 2017 Inner Pages

Print Birmingham03/ Bondeye Catalogue 2017 Cover

Design Agency Print04/ Bondeye Catalogue 2017 Colour palette

Design Agency Birmingham05/ Bondeye Catalogue 2017 Inner Pages

Layout Design06/ Bondeye Catalogue 2017 Inner Pages

Web Design Birmingham07/ Bondeye Website update to reflect new style

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Bondeye Optical

By Richie DembovskisJanuary 28th, 2011Corporate Identities, Graphic Design, Packaging / POS, Website DesignNo Comments
iDC - Bondeye Optical

Bondeye, a leading optical supplies company to the trade industry approached iDC to overhaul their brand with a new logo, catalogue and e-commerce site.

Caption01/ Brand Identity

Caption02/ Catalogue 2011 – Cover

Caption03/ Catalogue 2011

Caption04/ Catalogue 2011

Caption05/ E-commerce Website

Caption06/ Lens Cleaner POS and Packaging

Caption07/ 3M Direct Mail Packaging

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