Come and have a go if you think you’re good enough

By Richie DembovskisJanuary 28th, 2010BlogNo Comments

I have discovered new and hidden talents in our team thanks to the Christmas party this year! After a leisurely and very satisfying afternoon lunch at Hotel du Vin the team ventured to the local bowling plex, which is when the dark horse showed himself.

Now I have always thought that I was pretty nifty with a bowling ball. I was swiftly proved wrong and put in my place at the bottom of the league, firstly by Matt, who got a ‘Turkey’ (three strikes in a row) in the first game. It was then that Richie, the dark horse, decided to show us all how it was done by bowling multiple strikes and spares and winning game after game in stupendous fashion.
Needless to say, I feel confident in challenging any of our clients or suppliers to a game or two… so come have a go if you think you’re good enough!

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