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Designs of the year 2011 – Design Museum

By Richie DembovskisMay 26th, 2011BlogNo Comments

Designer coffins, edible books, balancing houses and angry birds were amongst the shortlist for designs of the year 2011. A very diverse range was on view at this year’s annual event hosted at the Design Museum on the south bank of the river Thames. Sustainability and efficiency continued to be high on the agenda whilst iPad apps continued their meteoric rise into the modern world of technology.

The overall winner being the Plumen 001 energy saving light bulb (seen below). Low-energy light bulbs have never been regarded as a stylish product, the Plumen addresses this by creating an aesthetic bulb designed to be seen, it also uses 80% less energy and lasts eight times longer than an incandescent bulb. Click here to see more images and video.

Winner – Plumen 001 energy saving light bulb


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