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iDC lending a creative hand to start ups

By Richie DembovskisMarch 12th, 2014BlogNo Comments

After coming across Charlotte’s appeal on Facebook for a kind hearted individual to help get her new business off the ground with barely any budget but bags of excitement and enthusiasm, MD Richard decided that after another successful year for iDC it was time to give something back. He got in touch with Charlotte, idea’s already brewing and offered the assistance of iDC, free of charge, in getting her canine care business up and running. Needless to say, free advice and assistance for any start up business is invaluable so we’ve caught up with Charlotte to find out how it has improved the ‘start up’ experience for her.


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Keeping it local – iDC rebrand McDermotts Civil Engineering

By Richie DembovskisJune 3rd, 2012BlogNo Comments

iDC were approached by McDermotts, a groundworks and civil engineering company based in Birmingham, in the summer of 2011 to embark on a rebrand and the creation of a new website that encapsulated who McDermotts are and what they do; but more importantly to give insight into the great team behind their name and its company values.

We began developing a mark that is distinctly McDermotts. The final logo design simply incapsulates what they do, the solid M with a highlight on the foundation of the mark is instantly recognisable and unique. It’s very rare such a simple mark can communicate exactly what a company does and as soon as it was created everyone involved knew it was the right identity for McDermotts.

Company director, Marie McDermott, states “Working with iDC has proved to be a refreshing experience that has led to positive results and favourable recognition from our staff, suppliers and customers.”

McDermotts new website is a hub of information covering every aspect of the Company. Working alongside top local photographer Steph Simmons, the new website has developed into one of iDC‘s biggest website projects and we are very proud of the results. See it for yourself here.

Please keep an eye out for a full case study on McDermotts coming soon on the iDC website.

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Barteak Developments

By Richie DembovskisFebruary 16th, 2011Advertising, Branding, Corporate Identities, Digital, Graphic Design, Print, Website DesignNo Comments
iDC - Barteak Developments

iDC have a long standing relationship with Barteak, the most extensive campaign was to promote a new residential area in Banbury, creating maximum market excitement around the contemporary new development being built within it.

Caption01/ Corporate Folder

Caption02/ Corporate Folder

Caption03/Property Brochure

Caption04/ Market Quarter – Identity

Caption05/ Market Quarter – Property Pack

Caption06/ Market Quarter – Website

Caption07/ Market Quarter – Hoardings

Caption08/ Market Quarter – Signage

Caption09/ Market Quarter – Hoardings

Caption10/ Market Quarter – Filming of Promo Video

Caption11/ Origin – Property Brochure

Caption12/ Origin – Property Brochure

Caption13/ Origin – Property Brochure

Caption14/ Origin – Hoardings

Caption15/ Origin – Showroom Lightbox

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Bondeye Optical

By Richie DembovskisJanuary 28th, 2011Corporate Identities, Graphic Design, Packaging / POS, Website DesignNo Comments
iDC - Bondeye Optical

Bondeye, a leading optical supplies company to the trade industry approached iDC to overhaul their brand with a new logo, catalogue and e-commerce site.

Caption01/ Brand Identity

Caption02/ Catalogue 2011 – Cover

Caption03/ Catalogue 2011

Caption04/ Catalogue 2011

Caption05/ E-commerce Website

Caption06/ Lens Cleaner POS and Packaging

Caption07/ 3M Direct Mail Packaging

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