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Coders are the new rockstars

By Richie DembovskisMarch 7th, 2013BlogComments Off

Here’s an interesting video by, a non-profit foundation dedicated to growing computer programming education. In a rather inspirational video pulling out the big guns in the computer/online world (and, it stresses the importance to have coding taught in schools.

Obviously being a web design agency we totally agree this should now be a key part of education with the digital world we now live in. This video certainly will make some want to become a coder, with the “awesome” sound studio in the office, being able to skate through the corridors, work on a sunny Californian rooftop etc. Whilst this usually isn’t the case for 99.9% of the industry it does make a good case.

But coding certainly isn’t easy, being a designer in a design and web agency, I dabble with it myself but certainly it should be left in the hands of the experts with a computer science degree in their hands that eat, drink and sleep coding, it certainly is a science.

The digital world is the world we now live in and to understand the fundamentals of how these things work will need to become commonplace and soon.

Richie Dembovskis

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Warner Bros. Records – Ebooks

By Richie DembovskisFebruary 16th, 2011Digital, Portfoilo, Website DesignNo Comments

iDC have designed and created online ebooks for various artists on the warner label. The ebooks take online magazines to the next level revolutionising the way to create, publish and share content online with added media extras of playing music, video or flash animation within the book.

Caption01/ Warner Ebook Covers – Click here to view the Mastodon Ebook

Caption02/ Regina Spektor Ebook

Caption03/ Mastodon Ebook

Caption04/ The Veronica’s Ebook

Caption05/ Muse – Spotify Competition Mircosite

Caption06/ Muse – Spotify Take-Over Ad Campaign

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